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Jimmy Forrest

An excellent all-round tenor participant, Jimmy Forrest is best-known for saving “Night Teach,” a track that he “borrowed” from your last section of Duke Ellington’s “Happy Move Lucky Local.” During senior high school in St. Louis, Forrest caused pianist Eddie Johnson, the renowned Fate Marable, as well as the Jeter-Pillars …

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Wendell Marshall

Best-known for his exceptional are a supportive bassist with Duke Ellington (1948-1955), Wendell Marshall was the cousin of Jimmy Blanton. After participating in Lincoln College or university and serving within the Military, he worked for a couple a few months with Stuff Smith. In 1948, he shifted to NY and …

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Clark Terry

Possessor from the happiest audio in jazz, flügelhornist Clark Terry always played music which was exuberant, swinging, and fun. An excellent (and incredibly exclusive) soloist, Terry obtained popularity for his “Mumbles” vocals (which began being a satire from the much less intelligible historic blues performers) and was also a keen …

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