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Guillaume Apollinaire

A poet and critic who chronicled and consorted with adventurous performers of his period, Guillaume Apollinaire was himself not entirely of this tumultuous age: his personal writings told of things ancient, long lasting, and eternal. His excitement for the task of his contemporaries offers about any of it a bemused …

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Charles Lecocq

Charles Alexandre Lecocq was the author of a number of the finest of France operettas. He originated from a poor family members. A delivery defect deformed his hip, forcing him to make use of crutches for the others of his lifestyle after he was five years of age. He discovered …

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Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy (given birth to Achille-Claude Debussy) was being among the most influential composers from the past due nineteenth and early twentieth decades. His older compositions, exclusive and appealing, mixed modernism and sensuality therefore effectively that their pure beauty frequently obscures their specialized innovation. Debussy is definitely the creator and …

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