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Ransom Knowling

Ransom Knowling, whose name appears like the mutation of the kidnapping storyline, played bass on in least probably one of the most influential information in rock background. He was area of the unique tempo section on Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup’s traditional entitled “That’s FINE” — and in cases like this …

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When a lot of people think about the song “Stagger Lee,” mainly because it is almost always spelled, they think about Lloyd Price and his 1958 chart-topping single. Eight years before Price’s edition, however, an individual on Imperial Information (spelled “Stack-a-Lee”), acknowledged to and offering the pounding piano of Archibald, …

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Irving Fazola

An excellent clarinetist, particularly skilled at counterpoint and using the blues, Irving Fazola begun to research C melody sax and clarinet at 13, and performed in New Orleans with Chocolate Candido, Louis Prima, Sharkey Bonano, and Armand Hug before joining Ben Pollack in 1935. He proceeded to go north with …

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Alvin Alcorn

Alvin Alcorn’s using Child Ory’s Creole Jazz Music group during 1954-1956 (that was well documented by Great Time Jazz and it has been reissued in the initial Jazz Classics series) was basic but frequently outstanding. He was a specialist at leading ensembles, acquired an attractive build and was both simple …

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