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Stella Brooks

Through the ’30s and ’40s, the music press was filled with items such as for example these: “Art Hodes and Stella Brooks at Billy Skully’s Pirate’s Den in the Village. Stella sings blues supported by Arty’s gorgeous piano…Stella Brooks, who opened in the Onyx Sunday night, can continue while featured …

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Jeff Alexander

Jeff Alexander (given birth to Myer Goodhue Alexander was a classically-trained composer, arranger, and conductor who all enjoyed a 28 season profession in Hollywood and on tv (where his function included such popular series seeing that My 3 Sons and shows from the Twilight Area). Throughout his movie function, he …

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Earl Robinson

Earl Hawley Robinson was a central participant in the first recognition and advancement of American folk music. He was created on July 2, 1910 in Seattle, Washington. From an early on age his mom ensured that he, together with his two siblings, received a significant musical education. Between your three …

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