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Addie Spivey

This blues vocalist through the late ’20s and ’30s worked beneath the pseudonym of Lovely Peas, giving shop owners the choice of filing her product between the frozen foods. Using the traditional blues style’s focus on various kinds of food being a metaphor for intimate encounters, it just seems natural …

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Milt Larkin

Milt Larkin led one of the biggest of all place rings but, tragically, it never recorded and will just be regarded as legendary. Larkin was a self-taught trumpeter, motivated to try out after hearing Bunk Johnson. He freelanced throughout Tx, including with Chester Boone and Giles Mitchell’s Birmingham Blue Blowers. …

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Hersal Thomas

Using the possible exception of Sugar Chile Robinson, few jazz or blues artists have accomplished so very much so early in life as Hersal Thomas, the kid prodigy pianist and composer who passed on suddenly under somewhat suspicious circumstances at age 16. While Robinson jumped onto a preexisting stylistic bandwagon …

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