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Miklós Rózsa

A Hungarian-born composer, most well-known for his Hollywood and Uk film scores, but additionally responsible for a substantial body of chamber parts, concertos, and orchestral music for the concert hall. Rozsa’s music can be steeped in post-romanticism, with stylistic root base within the folk music of his indigenous Hungary plus …

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János Ferencsik

Among the leading Hungarian conductors of his period (and there have been numerous types), János Ferencsik thought we would remain a fundamental element of Hungarian music life. While some from the era between Szell and Reiner, similarly, and Solti, over the various other, elected to be international superstars, Ferencsik stayed …

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André Gertler

André Gertler was a prominent twentieth hundred years violinist whose secure intonation, imposing technique, and interpretive acumen place him aside from the majority of his contemporaries. He could well have already been better known got he not concentrated so a lot of his interest on modern music. He performed every …

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