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Eddie Lang

The very first jazz acoustic guitar virtuoso, Eddie Lang was all around the past due ’20s; most of his fellow music artists understood that he was the very best. A boyhood friend of Joe Venuti, Lang required violin lessons for 11 years but turned to acoustic guitar before he flipped …

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Septimus Winner

A member of family of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Philadelphia composer Septimus Champion published many tracks beneath the pseudonym “Alice Hawthorne”; they attained such reputation that they released a genre that shortly had become referred to as “Hawthorne ballads.” Although his dad was a violin machine, Champion was essentially a self-taught musician. …

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Dusolina Giannini

Though her voice lacked the plushness of Rosa Ponselle’s magnificent instrument, Dusolina Giannini was a genuine dramatic soprano of rare incisiveness and histrionic fire. Certainly, many chosen her voice because of its mixing of dark timbre, leading edge, and solid best register. Hers was a musical family members: Her dad …

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Manning Sherwin

b. 4 January 1902, Philadelphia, Pa, USA (1898 may also be cited), d. 26 July 1974, LA, California, USA. After their studies at Columbia University or college, he became a songwriter and composer, employed in theater and movies. Among films where his tunes made an appearance are Blossoms On Broadway …

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