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Pierre Bernac

The baritone Pierre Bernac was probably one of the most important People from france singers from the twentieth century. His performing was seen as a a processed, high, and light baritone tone of voice with impeccably obvious and mild enunciation and a delicate and flexible method of phrasing. His close …

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Robert Casadesus

Robert Casadesus was the quintessential France musician, a separate perfectionist who carried the Gallic virtues of precision, clearness, and elegance in to the mid-twentieth hundred years while an embodiment from the living nature of classicism — precision animated by enthusiasm, clearness attained through sensuous scintillance, and elegance while the expression …

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Charles Lamoureux

Both from the leading conductors in France within the last area of the nineteenth hundred years Charles Lamoureux and Edouard Colonne, originated from the same town in a significant wine-growing area of France and shared the same violin instructor, Baudoin. Charles Lamoureux was the boy of the cafe owner. Charles …

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Francis Poulenc

Francis Poulenc was the best author of Les 6, the People from france group specialized in turning music from Impressionism, formality, and intellectualism. He published in a primary and tuneful way, frequently juxtaposing the witty and ironic using the sentimental or melancholy. He greatly preferred diatonic and modal textures over …

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