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Zue Robertson

A somewhat shadowy shape in jazz history, Zue Robertson was barely documented and tales about his abilities have to stay unverified. His initial device was the piano, but Robertson started focusing on trombone when he was 13. He found knowledge playing in circus rings and for vacationing revues (including touring …

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Henry W. Ragas

Among the to begin many early fatalities in jazz, Henry Ragas’ 1 claim to popularity was his association with the initial Dixieland Jazz Music group. Ragas found experience like a single pianist during 1910-13. He proceeded to go with Johnny Stein’s music group to Chicago in 1916 and, when many …

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Eddie Edwards

A founding person in the initial Dixieland Jazz Music group, and an excellent rhythmic participant and force for the reason that group’s success. Edwards started playing violin at 10, after that used trombone at 15. He performed in regional New Orleans brass rings as an adolescent, included in this Stein’s …

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