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Louis Durey

Louis Durey may possibly be considered a totally obscure People from france composer, rather than a semi-unknown, if it weren’t for his association with a small number of fellow composers in Paris following the Initial World War. Predicated on his a friendly relationship with Francis Poulenc, he became section of …

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Stephen Heller

Having resided a checkered existence in a number of countries, the music of Stephen Heller displays several different models of nationalistic characteristics at different factors in his job. His oeuvre is made up entirely of functions for the piano, two which (made up jointly with H.W. Ernst) are for piano …

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Charles-Valentin Alkan

Charles-Valentin Alkan was among the great composer/pianists from the nineteenth hundred years and a significant influence about many subsequent music artists. He wrote a few of the most uncommon and technically hard music of his period, an result that believe it or not an expert than Ferruccio Busoni known as …

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