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Red Brown

A member from the Dukes of Dixieland, a high combo in the brand new Orleans jazz genre, trombonist and bassist Tom Dark brown would sometimes hideout beneath the stage name of Red Dark brown. There are as much explanations because of this as chunks of sausage floating within a container …

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Tom Brown

Among traditional New Orleans initial players and bandleaders to create store in Chicago. Dark brown first performed violin, then turned to trombone. He performed in Papa Jack port Laine’s Reliance Music group, after that became a bandleader in 1910 and had taken his music group to Chicago in 1915. He …

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Armand Piron

Armand Piron led among the finest regularly functioning dance rings in New Orleans through the 1920’s. He received considerable musical training like a violinist from his dad (an orchestra innovator) and started playing expertly in 1904 when he was 16, getting a position using the Joseph Bloom Philharmonic Orchestra. Within …

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Alcide Pavageau

Among the better-known string bassists dynamic in New Orleans through the 1950’s and 60’s, Alcide Pavageau actually began taking part in the device surprisingly past due in existence. He was originally a guitarist and became popular like a dance in New Orleans, that is how he obtained the lifelong “Gradual …

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Al Bernard

Al Bernard was an excellent historic recording designer from your vaudeville period. He was also probably one of the most popular blackface performers from the times from the minstrel displays, therefore he’s become something of the pariah. However his work in addition has been reappraised by music historians who experience …

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