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Hans Huber

It could be argued with some certitude that Hans Huber was the most prominent and important Swiss author of the nineteenth hundred years. He didn’t limit himself to 1 genre of music, such as for example music for an all male chorus or piano, like his contemporaries, but prolonged himself …

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Anton Bernhard Fürstenau

The young seven-year-old flutist accompanied his father throughout Europe, in concert, to Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Prague and Copenhagen. In Prague he previously the lot of money of conference Carl Maria von Weber whose immediate influence is noticed generally in most of Furstenau’s music. He accepted from the old-fashioned flute because …

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Raoul Pugno

As students from the Paris Conservatoire Pugno won several awards including “prix” for piano, body organ, tranquility and solfege. Oddly enough he came back to his host to study like a professor between your years 1892 and 1901. Pugno was among the leading pianists in France during his day time …

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Charles Coborn

Music hall mainstay Charles Coborn is well known for a set of turn-of-the-century classics, the self-penned “Two Lovely Dark Eye” and Fred Gilbert’s “THE PERSON Who Broke the lender in Monte Carlo.” Created Colin McCallum in 1852, he started performing by age 20 and went to hundreds of English music …

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