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Ludwik Grossman

Grossman studied with Freyer early in lifestyle in Warsaw. He resided in Berlin where he continuing his research with Rugenhagen. Upon his go back to Warsaw Grossman produced public appearances being a pianist, organist and conductor. Protected ready as co-owner of the business in offering keyboard musical instruments, he constructed …

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Jean Désiré Artôt

Artot was a mezzo-soprano and horn participant who focused her attenions on tone of voice and afterwards extended her range in order to incorporate the soprano. She sang using the Paris Opera, journeyed through France and Belgium aswell as Italy and Germany. She sang both Rosina and Leonora in “Il …

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François-Joseph Naderman

Jean-Francois-Joseph was probably the most famous and successful person in this category of music artists from Paris. He researched and perfected the harp with Krumpholtz and was regarded as a virtuoso both in and from France. Naderman made up several items for the harp including sonatas, concertos, etudes and single …

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