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Santiago Ferrer

Students of Antonio Soler whose very own compositions survive due to the copying that was achieved by Ferrer. The corpus of musical books related to Ferre includes public, lamentations, litanies, night time providers, hymns, psalms and lessons for the inactive.

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Ignacy Marceli Komorowski

This Polish composer was students of Szanior for the piano, Bulakowski and Hornziel for the violin and Szablinski and Herman for the cello. He became the instructor in home for the Kretkowski family members eventually departing for Warsaw where he was the cellist for the Wielki Theater. At the moment …

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Johann August Fran Burgmüller

Being a theatre movie director in Weimar, and other places, this German composer wrote music, works for cathedral, and functions for the theatre. A few of his music includes hints from the intimate including his filler music for “Macbeth” and perhaps the ballet “La peri”.

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Johann Melchior Dreyer

An organist on the imperial cathedral in Ellwangen who also was the initial Kappellmeister aswell as composer and instructor. The majority of Dreyer’s compositions had been instrumental and vocal, symphonic and arranged but simplistic.

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William Bexfield

This short-lived British composer was talented and had the to become England’s next Purcell. The functions which show his capabilities are an oratorio, weighted fugues and wonderful tunes. He became a composer at age 11 and an excellent organist by 17. Bexfield made up the oratorio “Israel Restored” at age …

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