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Pierre Galin

“Exposition d’une nouvelle methode pour l’enseignement de la musique” was Pierre Galin’s main contribution ot music. He was a instructor intent on finding a way for correctly teaching research and mathematics aswell as sight-singing. This musical curiosity was predicated on notations advocated by Rousseau. Galin examined on the Lycee in …

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Gian Francesco Fortunati

A composer who studied with Nicolini and was afforded the chance to go to Bologna and research with Martini. He spent a lot of his amount of time in Parma but journeyed to Dresden and Berlin in guidance from the operformance of his personal operas. The operas which Fortunati made …

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Andreas Romberg

Andreas Romberg was taught the violin by his dad Gerhard. He and his cousin Bernhard would accompany their fathers on travels plus they themselves toured European countries between your years 1784 and 1796 attaining deserved and needed renown. If they played on the Concert Spirituel in Paris, 1784 and 1785, …

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