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Matteo Mario Mario

Giovanni Matteo Mario was among the leading tenors of European countries through the mid-nineteenth hundred years. Although he had taken an alias, perhaps to safeguard himself from repercussions from the Sardinian military after his desertian, no intrigues appeared to stick to him. He made an appearance in various operas and …

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Ferenc Erkel

Being a pianist, conductor and composer whose family attended intimate presentations from the chamber music of Beethoven, Ferenc first moved to Kolozsar (the cultural middle of a big geographical area) and to Infestations pursuing his music. His meritorious playing and repertory was lauded by many and included functions by Hummel, …

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Friedrich Wilhelm Kücken

Being a composer Kucken wrote two operas, choral functions, piano parts, instrumental functions and music. His popularity rested upon the acclaim of his music such as for example “Das Madchen von Juda.” The selling point of his music was within qualities such as for example basic melodies, folk configurations, and …

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Ferdinand David

A violinist and composer who was simply students of Spohr and Hauptmann. Shows were kept in Copenhagen, Leipzig, Dresden, and Berlin. Mendelssohn and David had been close friends after playing several concerts jointly. Under Mendelssohn he hleped to business lead The Gewandhaus orchestra in Leipzig. Playing and going to London …

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