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Robert Führer

A popular author of cathedral music whose just appeal is apparently the dissemination of his function as well as the satisfying lyric quality of his melodies. Fuhrer was trained by Vitasek on the Prague Cathedral, a posture to which he acceded upon the latter’s loss of life. He held various …

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Anton Eberl

Pianist and composer Eberl might have been students of Mozart. His 1st stage work, non-e which survive, was praised by Gluck. The compositions by Eberl demonstrate an enthusiastic knowing of the Classical moderate and easily could be regarded as prototypical Passionate music. Several Eberl’s piano compositions had been often related …

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Adrien François Servais

The patriarch of the Belgian category of music artists Adrien played the cello but initially began using the violin. Learning with Platel in the Brussels Conservatory, Servais earned an initial in 1829. He aided Platel along with his teaching, and offered concerts in Paris and London, European countries and Russia. …

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Niel Gow

The patriarch from the Scottish category of virtuoso folk-fiddle players. Gow and his family brought the customs of the prior 150 many years of folk music and playing to reputable levels. His bowing methods were unusual, unparalleled, solid, and quite exclusive. Gow was patronized with the Duke of Athole and …

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Ignaz Lachner

Younger brother of Franz Lachner, Ignaz was trained both in Augsburg and Munich. Then visited Vienna and analyzed straight with Franz Lachner so when Franz vacated the organist placement on the Lutheran cathedral in Vienna, Ignaz changed him. Like his sibling, Ignaz was a proficient conductor. He kept a number …

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