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Joseph Lederer

Nearly all Lederer’s compositions include operettas and musical comedies. They were created primarily for the fitness center in the monastery he became a member of (Augustinian, Zu den Wengen) after his primary education in Ulm. The librettos for these functions were compiled by Lederer himself and sometimes these were performed …

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Friedrich Wilhelm Rust

F.W. Corrosion was the patriarch of the prominent category of German music artists. He was a renowned violinist and able pianist. Indicative of his virtuosity for the violin are his compositions for your instrument needing great specialized articulation. Rust researched violin and key pad with Muller, violin with Benda and …

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Jacob Wilhelm Lustig

Students of Mattheson, Telemann and Kuntzen, Lustig became the chapel organist at both Michaelis in Hamburg. He could hear several prominent organists including J.S. Bach and Lustig was also a pal of Arp Schnitger the body organ contractor. In 1728 he acceded towards the organist placement of St Martin’s in …

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Thomas Sanders Dupuis

A author of sacred and secular music including vocal chants, solutions, anthems, tracks and instrumental concertos, sonatas, duets, and voluntaries. Some regarded as Dupuis to be always a excellent organist illustrated by the actual fact that he changed Boyce as the organist and author of the Royal Chapel, received the …

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Felice Giardini

A existence of eighty years brought this concert violinist to visits throughout Europe including Rome, Naples, Berlin, France, London (where he remained for over forty years), St Petersburg and Moscow. Giardini analyzed the harpsichord, violin, and performing. He analyzed violin with Somis in Turin and quit the harpsichord after hearing …

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Auguste Panseron

This French composer and educator studied in the Paris Conservatoire when he was eight years of age. His educators there included Berton and Gossec. Panseron continuing his research in Bologna with Mattei and became extremely thinking about all components of performing. He composed several contemporarily effective one take action operas …

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