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Carlo Zuccari

A talented Italian violinist Zuccari founded a college in Milan where he previously settled in 1736. He participated with Sammartini in the academy kept at Collegio dei Nobili, 1741. In 1760 Zuccari is at London using the Italian opera orchestra. It is now time when his “Accurate Approach to Playing …

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Cipriani Potter

An British composer from a musical family (his grandfather was a flute machine and his father was a flutist) Potter excelled on the piano, teaching with composition. He was students not merely of his dad but also of Attwood, Crotch, Woelfl — whom he thought to be having learned one …

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Anton Bernhard Fürstenau

The young seven-year-old flutist accompanied his father throughout Europe, in concert, to Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Prague and Copenhagen. In Prague he previously the lot of money of conference Carl Maria von Weber whose immediate influence is noticed generally in most of Furstenau’s music. He accepted from the old-fashioned flute because …

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Louis Drouet

A French flute participant who studied structure with Mehul and Reicha. By age 16 he was the state flutist for the Ruler of Holland and became successful in Paris soon thereafter. He didn’t desire to become stagnant in a single place and insisted within the persona of the travelling participant. …

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