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Wenzel Thomas Matiegka

Matiegka was an Austrian author of Czechoslovakian descent. He was a professional of your guitar as well as the piano which offered him well when he transferred to Vienna to produce a surviving in music. He previously examined with Gelinek in Prague after having examined law. Your guitar was his …

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Franz Nikolaus Novotny

Novotny had not been a musician of great transfer but he did succeed his dad while organist for the Esterhazy courtroom. His compositions, a lot of that have been compositions for the cathedral and many which are extant, had been lauded by Haydn who performed the compositions.

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Pietro Generali

Though Generali began his musical career with sacred music he ultimately made up 54 operas. Various other styles included cantatas, public, requiems, etc. “Pamela nubile” was his initial celebrated opera in 1804. He didn’t compose his initial significant opera, “Attila,” until 1812. One of is own most critically recognized and …

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