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Carlos Baguer

This Spanish organist and composer was a virtuoso performer and improvisor. A lot of his compositions consist of sacred vocal functions but he didn’t consist of contrapunctal voicings (having a few exceptions in body organ items). Baguer published functions for piano and orchestra but small separates it from compositions of …

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Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin

This French flutist and teacher was active in Germany, a lot in order that he taught younger brother of J.S. Bach, Johann Jacob. Sadly, Buffardin had not been well known like a composer. Using the exceptions of the “Trio-sonata in A-dur” for flute and a flute “Concerto in E-mol” nothing …

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Carolus Antonius Fodor

Carolus Antonious Fodor was a composer and pianist who studied in Mannheim, Paris and probably Russia. As an associate from the Fodor family members he became quite important in Amsterdam. Musical parts attracted from his pencil included piano concertos, symphonies, quartets and chamber music.

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