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Anton Stadler

As the teacher of Johann Esterhazy, the near future patron of Haydn, one amazing things whether Stadler’s influence may experienced any influence on Haydn: at best, only speculation may appear. Stadler, and his sibling Johann, performed the clarinet as well as the bassett horn. Anton’s penchant was for the low …

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Jean-Baptiste Bréval

A probable pupil of Cupis, Breval was a significant France cellist and composer for his instrument. His compositions are wrought with tries at new buildings and techniques aswell as variety. Nearly all Breval’s music was instrumental in character — orchestral symphonies, concertos for violin and cello, trios, duos, airs and …

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Gerhardus Havingha

Probably Gerhardus Havingha received his music education from his dad who was simply an organist in Groningen. Gerhard became the organist in Alkmaar but was confronted early by an body organ in circumstances of disrepair. He affected adjustments predicated on German concepts which been successful but was fulfilled with great …

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Johan Wikmanson

Preliminary music lessons because of this youthful Swede received by H.P. Johnsen in thoroughbass and piano. He analyzed mathematics and device producing in Copenhagen. Much after his go back to Stockholm, 1772, he could study structure with Kraus and Abbe Vogler. Between 1772 and 1781 Wikmanson was the organist from …

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Johann Nicolaus Bach

Johann Nicolaus Bach was the child of Johann Christoph. Nicolaus had not been just an organist, composer, and instructor he was also a musical instrument manufacturer and resconstructed the three manuel tiered device in the faculty chapel of Jena. Right here he had not been only city organist but ultimately …

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