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John Marsh

At age fourteen Marsh studied the violin with Wafer who was simply an organist at Gosport. His family members unfortunately moved soon thereafter and he had not been able to officially continue his research. In 1774, when he resolved in Salisbury, Marsh became a member of the provincial orchestra and …

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Pietro Castrucci

An Italian composer and violinist he spent nearly all his professional life in London. He made up sonatas, concerto grossi, items for flute, harpsichord, and several sonatas. Castrucci was most likely students of Corelli’s & most certainly was on a lot more than familiar conditions with Handel. (Castrucci executed the …

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Michael Christian Festing

As an British violinist, and afterwards composer, Festing received early schooling from Richard Jones and Geminiani. (Afterwards, Thomas Arne was one of is own own learners for the violin.) Among the professional positions that Festing obtained had been playing for the King’s Theater orchestra, Master from the King’s Musick, movie …

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Ludwig August Lebrun

Ludwig August Lebrun was a superb oboist who contributed some nicely written oboe music towards the instrument’s repertoire. His dad was an oboist and performers’ rehearsal trainer in the courtroom of Mannheim, renowned for getting the most excellent and innovative orchestra of that time period. A 1756 register of Mannheim …

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