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Antonio Literes

This bass violist and bassist (for the royal choir and royal chapel respectively) in Madrid, was touted as the best author of the Spanish court. His name was produced at courtroom from his zarzuelas “Accis y Galatea,” “Jupiter y Danae,” and “Los elementos.” Due to his popularity Literes was commissioned …

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Jean Barrière

A French composer and cellist who studied in Italy with Alborea. His compositions add a variety of cello sonatas which present specialized difficulties. A few of his sonatas are organized in 3 to 5 actions demonstrating the Italian impact. The difficulty from the compositions for cello by Barriere are indicative …

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Narciso Casanovas

A famous Spanish organist and composer who took the habit from the Benedictine order. His compositions included sacred functions for the assistance aswell as people, a magnificat, and psalms. Around 50 of his items are extant in manuscript type. Casanovas also made up fugue-like items for the body organ however …

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Ivan Khandoshkin

Khandoshkin was regarded as the best possible Russian violinist living through the eighteenth hundred years. He analyzed under Tito Porta, was a musician in the courtroom of Russia, and trained violin in the Academy in St Petersburg. Khandoshkin was asked by Potyomkin to mind the music academy at Yekaterinoslav which …

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Johann Melchior Dreyer

An organist on the imperial cathedral in Ellwangen who also was the initial Kappellmeister aswell as composer and instructor. The majority of Dreyer’s compositions had been instrumental and vocal, symphonic and arranged but simplistic.

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