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Friedrich Schwindl

The music of the violin virtuoso and Konzertmeister gained wide circulation particularly between 1760 and 1780. Several records of shows of Schwindl’s functions verify their recognition, In 1772 a concert opened up with two of Schwindl’s symphonies as well as the Elector, with whom he was used, performed the gamba. …

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Pietro Torri

The compositions of the Italian organist were predominantly written in the dramatic vein. Operas dominated his function. Torri served being a master from the chapel for the Margrave of Beyreuth, most likely journeyed in Italy for approximately five years, and found provider with Potential Emanuel in 1689. Through the Wars …

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François Giroust

Giroust revived the motet in France through the pre-Revolutionary times and in addition wrote several patriotic songs through the First Republic. He kept positions with Orleans Cathedral and Saints-Innocent in Paris (grasp of music). His “Missa brevis” was performed in the coronation of Louis XVI but despite having this acclaim …

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Hercule Bréhy

A composer who was simply given birth to in the Southern Netherlands but whose design was, to no real surprise, French. He performed the body organ and sang in Brussels. He made up organ pieces which were dropped, at least 7 people and several motets. A fascinating Netherlandish attitude — …

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