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Johann Ernst, Prince of Weimar

This Weimarian prince, who only lived for nineteen, years was respected by such contemporary composers as J.S. Bach, Telemann, Walther and Mattheson. He was trained by the courtroom musician Eilenstein and is at direct connection with Bach between 1708 and 1715 while Bach offered as organist towards the Weimar courtroom. …

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Antonio de Salazar

This Mexican author of Spanish birth was a choir master of Puebla Cathedral in 1679 and by 1688 was the master from the chapel on the Cathedral of Mexico City. He arranged the archives, supervised the building of a fresh body organ and was a observed teacher. Nearly all his …

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James Nares

Nares was an British composer, instructor and organist. He examined under Gates on the Chapel Royal being a chorister and finally replaced his previous instructor. Nares was an organist of York Minster for 21 years old years as well as the organist for the Chapel Royal soon before getting his …

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Charles-Joseph van Helmont

Helmont composed several masses, motets, additional sacred functions and items for the harpsichord aswell as items for the orchestra. He analyzed with Brehy and became an organist at Ste Gudule in Brussels. In 1737 he was choirmaster from the chapel of Notre Dame and in 1741 came back to Ste …

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