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Samuel Akeroyde

Little is well known on the subject of Samuel Akeroyde; nevertheless, he was quite nicely known during his life time, as his functions appeared in lots of selections of his day time, including The Theatre of Music (1685 – 1687) as well as the Banquet of Musick (1688 – 1690). …

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Carlo Cecere

This Italian composer and instrumentalists set “La tavernola abentorosa,” the libretto by Trinchera, to music. It became an infamous buffoon humor as the article writer, not really the composer, was punished because of its mocking satire from the monastic lifestyle. (It had been the initial opera of its kind to …

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Jacob Wilhelm Lustig

Students of Mattheson, Telemann and Kuntzen, Lustig became the chapel organist at both Michaelis in Hamburg. He could hear several prominent organists including J.S. Bach and Lustig was also a pal of Arp Schnitger the body organ contractor. In 1728 he acceded towards the organist placement of St Martin’s in …

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Jacques Boyvin

A French composer and organist who was simply allowed to oversee the building from the body organ at Notre Dame, Rouen. The body organ was rebuilt by Robert Clicquot with an increase of than 40 rates, four manuels and manuel to peddle cable connections. Boyvin constructed books of music formulated …

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