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Louis Lemaire

Lemaire was students of Sebastien de Brossard who was simply the organist in Meaux Cathedral. Learning to be a mentioned vocal composer in Paris he had been released in 1712 by Ballard: notably a level of airs. It really is believed that Lemaire made up eight separate quantities of airs …

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Gregor Joseph Werner

Werner was an organist who all became the Kapellmeister in the Esterhazy courtroom. He offered there well and composed a fair quantity of vocal music which mirrors a cappella public in a tight contrapuntal feeling. Werner would also make use of the usage of string and blowing wind accompaniments. Though …

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Christoph Förster

Students of Pitzler, Heinichen and Kauffmann Forster acceded to positions in Merseburg (planing a trip to Dresden and Prague where he met Fux, Caldara and Conti), Rudolstadt and perhaps Sonderhausen. He constructed over 300 bits of music but just a equivalent few can definitiely end up being related to him …

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