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Pierre Borjon de Scellery

Borjon was an associate of the France literati who all studied and succeeded in laws. Though as yet not known for his compositions or playing methods he did compose an education manuel for the musette (a musical instrument like a bagpipe).

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Jean-Henri d’Anglebert

Delivered in Paris, in 1635, Jean Henry Danglebert became the principle keyboard participant in the assistance of Louis XIV, sunlight Ruler, and laid the groundwork for most from the triumphant achievements of François Couperin in the first eighteenth hundred years. In 1689, Danglebert released the first reserve of his Pièces …

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Giovanni Battista Mazzaferrata

Mazzaferrata was students of Tarquinio Merula which is idea that he acceeded to the positioning of master from the chapel for Vercelli Cathedral. Operating to few areas, the Accademia della Morte in Ferrara and perhaps a college or cathedral in Tuscany, Mazzaferrata passed away operating in Ferrara. Though he had …

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