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Jacques-Christophe Naudot

There is nothing presently known about the first life of the France flutist. His initial magazines for the device had been released in 1726 and he’s known to have already been a instructor not only from the flute but also from the hurdy-gurdy as well as the musette. In the …

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Pietro Baldassare

Pietro Baldassare was a Italian Baroque composer, probably given birth to in Rome. He’s said to took holy purchases and was the maestro di cappella from the Congregation from the Oratorio of S. Filippo Neri in Brescia, regarding to a notation on his libretti. Modern accounts verify his being kept …

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William Babell

William Babell was an 18th hundred years harpsichordist who studied with Pepusch and Handel (questionably). He was a fantastic participant and his transcriptions of several Handel’s functions could only end up being played by an excellent virtuoso. Babell’s manuscripts are worthy of analyis because they disclose important info regarding the …

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Pierre-Gabriel Buffardin

This French flutist and teacher was active in Germany, a lot in order that he taught younger brother of J.S. Bach, Johann Jacob. Sadly, Buffardin had not been well known like a composer. Using the exceptions of the “Trio-sonata in A-dur” for flute and a flute “Concerto in E-mol” nothing …

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Francesco Barsanti

A composer who spent a while in London; there he performed the flute and oboe for the Italian opera. Barsanti also visited Scotland and resided in Edinburgh where he spent eight years. The compositions of Barsanti had been composed mainly in Scotland having a definitive Italian design. Concerto grossi and …

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Bénigne de Bacilly

Bacilly’s most significant contribution to music had not been his compositions (sacred and secular songs — or life songs) but his discourse entitled “Remarques curieuses sur l’art de bien chanter” (Remarks regarding the art of great singing). Within this treatise Bacilly discusses the transfer and technique for singing sophistication notes …

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