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Domenico Sarro

Though not really a terribly famous composer out of Naples, Sarro was among the first important composers to build up in the Neapolitan Conservatories in the eighteenth hundred years. He examined at S. Onofrio from age six or seven when he found its way to Naples. “L’opera d’amore” was his …

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Georg Friedrich Kauffmann

Kauffmann was possibly the best German modern of J.S.Bach. He researched key pad music with Buttstett in Erfurt and key pad and structure with Alberti in Merseberg. In 1698 he was Alberti’s second as cathedral organist because of a debilitating problems for Alberti’s right hands. In 1710 Kauffmann became the …

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Esaias Reusner

Reusner was a significant shape in German lute structure through the middle of the seventeenth hundred years; the past due Renaissance and Early Baroque. He worked well in Silesia prior to going to Berlin in 1674 getting the lutenist for the electoral courtroom. Reusner made up two quantities of instrumental …

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Pietro Castrucci

An Italian composer and violinist he spent nearly all his professional life in London. He made up sonatas, concerto grossi, items for flute, harpsichord, and several sonatas. Castrucci was most likely students of Corelli’s & most certainly was on a lot more than familiar conditions with Handel. (Castrucci executed the …

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Giovanni Felice Sances

This Italian singer and composer first worked in Rome, accompanied by Bologna and Venice. His initial opera was stated in Padua in 1636 quickly thereafter Sances moved into the service from the Viennese courtroom. In 1649 Sances was the helper Kapellmeister and by 1669 he was the Kapellmeister. Building Italian …

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Dietrich Becker

Dietrich Becker was a skilled instrumentalist and important composer in Hamburg within an era when Dietrich Buxtehude dominated North German music. Becker’s roots and early existence remain unclear, nonetheless it appears to be that he was most likely created in Hamburg. He 1st appears in a specialist capability as organist …

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