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Dimitrie Cantemir

A Romanian scholar, musicographer, composer and theorist whose main contribution to the annals of music was “Descriptio Moldaviae” and “An Intro to Turkish music”. (The second option has been dropped.) Cantemir gathered and published about Turkish ideas of music aswell as the musical folk customs of Romania. Although he resided …

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Salvator Rosa

Salvator Rosa was a painter and a poet who made several close friends among the performers in his day time. He corresponded with most of them and the characters provide not just a lot of information regarding his lifestyle but also a substantive supply for nineteenth hundred years opera librettos. …

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Juan de Padilla

This Spanish cleric was a composer who wrote primarily motets and villancicos. He offered being a choir professional at Coria Cathedral, as well as the cathedrals of Zamora and Toledo. Padilla also composed an eight voiced Magnificat for several choir.

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Francisco López Capillas

It’s very likely that Lopez was created in Spain but all recommendations to his music existence allude to Mexico. He was a priest and a renowned organist who also performed the bassoon. He was initially utilized by the Cathedral in Pueblo as organist and bassoonist but he was such a …

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Antonio Literes

This bass violist and bassist (for the royal choir and royal chapel respectively) in Madrid, was touted as the best author of the Spanish court. His name was produced at courtroom from his zarzuelas “Accis y Galatea,” “Jupiter y Danae,” and “Los elementos.” Due to his popularity Literes was commissioned …

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Hercule Bréhy

A composer who was simply given birth to in the Southern Netherlands but whose design was, to no real surprise, French. He performed the body organ and sang in Brussels. He made up organ pieces which were dropped, at least 7 people and several motets. A fascinating Netherlandish attitude — …

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