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Lucas Ruiz de Ribayaz

Musically, Ruiz de Robledo is known through his “Luz y norte musicale” which include information regarding the introductory practices and options for playing your guitar and harp aswell mainly because discourses contending with music generally. He advanced the Spanish tuning for the five program acoustic guitar and compositions within this …

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Johann Christoph Pepusch

Johann Christoph Pepusch, who Anglicized his name to John Christopher, was an extremely active and well-known composer around the British scene whose main contribution was that he led a decisive stylistic break using the Baroque music of his countryman George Frideric Handel. Ironically, this accomplishment had not been representative of …

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Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki

Grzegorz Gerwazy Gorczycki was a priest, cathedral musician, and composer who lived and worked in Poland through the later area of the Baroque period. A lot of Gorczycki’s compositions are illustrative of his function as a cathedral musician. Although he will seem to possess written some solely instrumental functions, these …

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Giovanni Martino Cesare

Cesare was an Italian composer, trombonist and cornett participant. He had contacts through services in Austria, Augsburg, Munich, and Udine. (He do services in the courtroom of Maximillian.) Cesare made up motets, a magnificat, concerti and melodies for tone of voice and tools. Instrumental pieces consist of someone to six …

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Melchior Schildt

Though a ten year period in Schildt’s life as an organist are undocumented he’s recognized to have studied along with his father and Crappius after that with Sweelinck in Amsterdam from 1609 until about 1612. By 1623 he was the organist for the Hauptkirche in Wolfenbuttel, 1626 to Ruler Christian …

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