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Luigi Mancia

It’s possible that Mancia was present in the opening from the opera home for the Elector Ernst August in Hanover. Additionally it is feasible that he was the author of the aria “Arione” performed for the emperor’s birthday in 1694. Mancia published the libretto and music for several dramatic functions …

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Johann Nicolaus Hanff

Mattheson was a structure and keyboard pupil of Hanff in Hamburg. Hanff was a courtroom organist towards the Prince-bishop of Lubeck before 1696. He came back to Hamburg in 1705 and had taken the position from the cathedral organist at Schleswig in 1711. The just compositions that survive are three …

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Giacomo Battistini

Giacomo was a maestro of performing in Novara and completely rejuvenated the corpus of music performed in the cathedral; he achieved this by changing it. The kept in mind functions of Giacomo Battistini consist of “Motetti sacri,” and “Armonie sagre.” He aslo made up items contrasting the single voices using …

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Nicolas Bernier

Bernier’s most significant music treatise was the “Concepts of Structure of/by Bernier”. He had not been concerned a lot with harmonic inversions or questioning; rather, he emphasized strategies as well as the need for the horizontal lines with the building blocks from the vertical range structured upon the partnership of …

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