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Andreas Rauch

Andreas Rauch was an Austrian organist who served Protestant churches in Hernals, Inzersdorf and Odenburg. He offered in the second option town from 1629 until his loss of life as the organist. The hymns which Rauch made up were seen as a the usage of multiple choirs in the Venetian …

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Henry Hall

An organist and composer most noted for his music, dialogues and catches published in various periodicals. He was a kid from the Chapel Royal under Cooke and Humfrey and a chorister before end of 1672. It really is quite feasible that Hall examined structure with Humfrey. Ultimately he became the …

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Francesco Turini

This Italian organist and composer was greatly lauded by his contemporaries. He was a fantastic organist and a composer with brand-new and innovative tips. Turini was among the initial composers to utilize the concertato in vocal chamber music aswell among the initial composers to utilize the term “cantata” to make …

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Thomas Babou

Thomas Babou was a composer and organist who was simply also a copyist. Musical functions related to him (mainly chapel music) are spirited having a certain Italian flare and an intro of non-scared mannerisms into normally sacred genres.

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