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Johann Vierdanck

This German organist also played the violin and cornet. Like a youngsters he was a choirboy in the Dresden Hofkapelle and between 1630 and 1631 he was an instrumentalist in the Hofkapelle. While offering in the Gustrow courtroom Vierdanck could happen to be Lubeck and Copenhagen and in 1635, until …

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Nicolò Corradini

Students of Huombuono this Italian organist and composer was operating to Cremona Cathedral. Corradini made up vocal items (motets, madrigals, and conzones) and instrumental music (ricercares).

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Johann Theile

Originally Theile was students of Scheffler, the Kantor of Magdeburg. He went to the school of Leipzig where he joined up with the school collegium musicum. While at Leipzig Theile could research with Schutz. After shifting to Lubeck he was befriended by Reincken and Buxtehude. In 1673 a scheduled appointment …

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