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Elias Mertel

A composer who was simply strictly thinking about music for the lute, Mertel compiled a assortment of many parts entitled “Hortus musicalis.” This collection includes more than 2 hundred and 35 preludes, and a hundred and twenty fugues and preludes. Sadly, none from the parts are ascribed to a specific …

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Bernardo Clavijo del Castillo

A Spanish composer and organist who travelled to Palermo, Italy using the Spanish military and held positions at Palencia, and Salamanca. Clavijo made up a assortment of 17 motets and an body organ tiento (fantasia) that survives.

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Charles Mouton

Not much info is avalable regarding the existence or music of Mouton. Very much is usually conjecture nonetheless it is usually idea that his youngsters was spent operating to the courtroom of Savoy in Turin. He probably analyzed with Gaultier. Definitively he resolved in Paris in 1678 and in 1691 …

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Paul Hainlein

Being a youth Hainlein learned to try out the body organ, other keyboards, and wind instruments, and was also taught singing. In Munich he noticed the music of Porro and could have analyzed with him. Hainlein discovered significant amounts of music through his personal practice. It really is believed that …

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Giovanni Cavaccio

An Italian composer who served at least 2 decades in Bergamo and visited the Bavarian courtroom, Rome and Venice. His repute proceeded to go beyond the limitations from the Italian edges as functions of his could possibly be within Germany and Austria. The compositions of the organist, vocalist and poet …

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