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Giulio Cesare Arresti

A founding person in the Philharmonic Academy and a maestro di cappella was Giulio Cesare Arresti. He was an composer and organist who mainly composed spiritual vocal functions; he also had written instrumental music including twelve sonatas. Arresti’s just compositions appealing are his body organ collections — like the functions …

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Cornelius Verdonck

This Flemish composer worked in Antwerp being a chorister and in the court chapel of Madrid. He researched at Douai College or university and was students of Severin Cornet in Antwerp. He was back Madrid in 1584 performing in the royal chapel and came back to holland by 1599. Verdonck …

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Ruggiero Giovannelli

It’s possible that Giovanelli’s instructor was Palestrina though it really is doubted. The paperwork of his profession is not obvious until 1583 when he found its way to Rome. By 1591 Giovanelli acceded towards the master from the chapel of S Luigi dei Francesi and offered service in the Collegio …

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