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Ippolito Baccusi

Ippolito Baccusi was a author of madrigals and sacred music (public aswell as settings towards the Psalms). His profession isn’t well documented nonetheless it shows up that he offered on content at both Mantua and Verona. Baccusi researched with and was inspired by Zacconi, Willaert, Rore and Gabrieli. One of …

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Andrew Blackhall

Andrew Balckhall’s compositional profession seemed to hang up in the total amount with the favour or disfavor from the Scottish ruler. A lot of his functions are created to appease or gain the favour from the courtroom. His functions primarily contain canticles, anthems, secular tunes and a Psalmody. It isn’t …

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Nicolas Gistou

A Danish composer who was simply from your southern area of the Netherlands. He was involved from the chapel from the courtroom of Ruler Christian IV of Denmark and was delivered to Holland to employ other music artists. Gistou made up a five component madrigal in two parts and five …

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