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William Mundy

Mundy and his child John tend to be confused like a obvious variation between their compositions is not discerned. Music is definitely ascribed towards the name “Mundy” which just obfuscates the real composer of several musical pieces. Provider and positions rendered and preserved by Mundy included chorister of Westminster Abbey …

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Isaac Posch

As an organ constructor and organist, Posch worked in Carinthia from around 1614 and built organs in Carniola and Laibach. Being a composer Posch was essential in the introduction of the Baroque variant suite having constructed fifteen three motion functions in his 1618 quantity. Every one of the movements within …

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Rodrigo de Ceballos

This Spanish composer wrote people, numerous motets, magnificats, madrigals and hymns. He was involved in music in Seville and afterwards in Cordoba. Lots of the functions which he constructed are extant and in huge print but because of poor containment circumstances they can barely be discerned. Thankfully, a few of …

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Jacobus de Kerle

A significant composer through the Southern Netherlands, Kerle kept several positions in holland, Italy and Germany. He was an organist at Augsburg Cathedral, and offered the emperor both in Vienna and Prague. While in Augsburg he was commissioned to create a “Precis Speciales” for the Council of Trent which he …

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Cornelius Freundt

A composer who preserved positions as the Kantor at Bornau, Kantor of St Marien, and instructor at the institution of Zwickau. A lot of the music Freundt constructed were tracks for the cathedral, Xmas music and wedding ceremony songs. His Xmas songs remained an integral part of the staple functions …

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