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Johann Grabbe

By age 11 Grabbe was patronized by Count Simon VI who produced him an associate from the choir at Schloss Brake. Grabbe discovered the body organ from Conradus, been successful him, and was afforded both opportunity and the trouble to review with Gabrieli in Venice. Grabbe retuned to Schloss Brake …

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Stefano Bernardi

An Italian composer and theorist who was simply a significant figure in the transition in the polyphonic design to concertato. This changeover is certainly illustrated by his public of 1615 where a number of the public remain unaccompanied while some are have scored for tone of voice and instrument. He …

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Osbert Parsley

Parsley was an British composer who spent the majority of his existence in Norwich where he’s reported to have sung in the cathedral choir for fifty years. He obtained music in both Latin as well as the British rites as he was a composer who resided his existence during the …

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Peter Hasse

Peter was the patriarch from the Lubeck home from the Hasse’s. He was a composer and an organist who had written masses, motets, body organ variants and preludes. It really is believed that he was most likely students of Sweelinck. Hasse taken care of a posture as the organist for …

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Johannes Heugel

The initial works of the German-Flemish composer date from around 1531 when he was asked to compose a satire and elegy on Zwingli. Appropriately, Heugel worked on the Kassel courtroom for about fifty years. A couple of almost 500 functions of Heugel’s that survive, not absolutely all which are comprehensive. …

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Johann Degen

Like a composer and organist Degen served both at St. Martin and Bamberg until his loss of life. Degen made up a hymnbook for Bamberg and a establishing from the founding of Bamberg predicated on the tales of its patron saints. The Degen hymnal was the 1st German Catholic hymnody …

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