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Giovanni Valentini

Being a composer, keyboard participant and poet, Valentini served in the courts of Sigismund III, Graz, as chamber organist, Vienna among the musicians from the courtroom, Kapellmeister for the Hapsburg courtroom as well as the Emperor Ferdinand III to whom he bequeathed all his music. Valentini was a virtuostic participant …

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George Handford

Handford was an British composer having a link with Cambridge. He himself had written the preface to his 1609 assortment of tracks. He might well have resided in the same parish most of his existence. “Ayres to become sunge towards the Lute and Foundation Vyole” was the name of his …

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Thomas Ravenscroft

Being a youth, Ravenscroft was an associate from the choir at Chichester Cathedral and afterwards at St. Paul’s Cathedral. At St. Paul’s, he was mixed up in renewal of of play for kids and participated by composing music, in addition to executing as an actor-singer and instrumentalist. He received his …

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Gregorio Allegri

Blessed in 1582, Gregorio Allegri, an Italian priest, vocalist, and composer within the tradition from the stile antico, is primarily known for his Miserere, a nine-part environment of Psalm 51. He spent a lot of his lifestyle employed in Roman churches, signing up for the papal choir in 1629 and …

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