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Fillippo Azzaiolo

Unfortunately, next to nothing is well known about the life span of Bolognese lutenist Fillippo Azzaiolo apart from the actual fact that he was from Bologna. Many biographers claim that he will need to have sung in another of Bologna’s many churches, the main method for a sixteenth hundred years …

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Paul Peuerl

In the beginning an organist at Horn in Lesser Austria, Peuerl visited Steyr in Northern Austria. He was called an body organ contractor, renovator and repairer who constructed organs in the design referred to as “Praetorious”. Like a musician Peuerl gathered several instrumental functions between 1611 and 1625. In 1613 …

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Richard Nicholson

In 1595 Nicholson was probably appointed as the organist at Magdalen University. Nicholson’s musical lifestyle focused around Oxford where in 1596 he received a Bachelor’s level in Music. In 1626 he became the initial Get good at of Musical Practice at Oxford and kept this placement until 1639. This placement …

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Robert Parsons

Robert Parsons contributed mightily towards the 1st generation of British Protestant composers, although only historical paperwork of his existence starts but 11 years before his loss of life. At Michelmas and Xmas of 1560, the Expert from the Royal Chapel certified payment from your Royal Exchequer to Parsons. His responsibilities, …

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Jobst Brandt

A German composer whose fellow learners included Georg Foster and Caspar Othmayr. (They discovered beneath the tutelage of Lorenz Lemlin.) Foster was to compliment the task of Brandt later on within their lives and went as far as to dedicate the 3rd level of his personal collection to Brandt. Brandt’s …

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Melchior Borchgrevinck

This Danish composer was an organist who compiled anthologies of music. To be able to perform on several instruments, Borchgrevinck offered like a procurator for Christian IV. Melchior and additional Danish composers had been afforded the chance to review with Gabrieli. His personal college students included Pederson and Nielson when …

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