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Claude Gervaise

Very little is well known with any certainty approximately the life span of Claude Gervaise, despite his importance in sixteenth century French secular music. It’s stated that he offered being a violist and chamber musician to kings François I and Henri II, but all that’s known with any self-confidence is …

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Michael Cavendish

An English author of madrigals and airs. Lots of the tracks that Cavendish constructed consist of lute accompaniment but are similar to viol accompaniments. His melodic lines had been pleasant and apparently popular and he previously a penchant for placing triple timed procedures into in any other case duple-metered verses. …

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Valentin Haussmann

An enigmatic personality in the annals of music, Haussmann had zero difficulty to find a train station wherever he went. It appears that he didn’t hold one placement for an extended time frame but pursued moves, composition and editing and enhancing thoughout Germany. He gathered, edited and released some Polish …

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