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Waclawaz Szamotul

The main compositions by this poet mixed up in Protestant movement were his sacred polyphonic pieces. He learned this technique getting this Polish idiom of the capella music to its zenith. Szamotul was informed both on the Collegium Lubranscianum with Krakow School, 1538. He proved helpful for the governor of …

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Petit Jean de Latre

The compositions of the Netherlands musician were comprised primarily of secular chansons and sacred lamentations and motets. Problematically his functions are tough to catalogue as there is another composer with an identical name writing at exactly the same time. Quality differences from the music likely have not really been scrutinized …

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Antonio Il Verso

As students of Pietro Vinci, Il Verso was enabled to create Vinci’s functions posthumously along with a few of his own early compositions. Il Verso spent the majority of his existence in Palermo and nearly all his functions were devoted from that town. The few exceptions had been three books …

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Leone Leoni

Having received music trained in Verona at the institution established by Rely Mario Bevilacqua, Leoni acceded to the positioning of master from the chapel for Vicenza Cathedral in 1588. He kept this placement intil his loss of life. His compositions had been in the vocal styles including sacred aswell as …

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William Brade

British composer and violinist William Brade was a substantial transitional figure in instrumental music between your Renaissance and Baroque periods. Brade is usually acknowledged with transplanting British musical practices many readily connected with William Byrd, Peter Philips, and John Dowland to North German and Scandinavian ground, and in assisting the …

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Giovanni Battista Conforti

This Italian composer, theorist and singer was primarily known for his singing abilities and theoretical elaborations. His main theoretical function discusses the conventions utilized by the music artists of his time with a explanation of common intervals, cadences and ornamentation. Conforti obviously indicated adjustments that may be created by different …

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