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Richard Pygott

This English author of predominantly sacred pieces was a teacher in the house of Thomas Wolsey (Henry VIII’s Lord Chancellor). He trained the children from the estate’s chapel choir and found the attention from the Ruler through among Pygott’s previous praiseworthy learners in the King’s very own chapel. Out of …

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Bernardo Clavijo del Castillo

A Spanish composer and organist who travelled to Palermo, Italy using the Spanish military and held positions at Palencia, and Salamanca. Clavijo made up a assortment of 17 motets and an body organ tiento (fantasia) that survives.

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Costanzo Antegnati

Costanzo Antegnati was an associate from the Antegnati category of body organ contractors, composers and music artists. He’s the most well-known relation due to his discourse around the “art from the body organ”. He published several works made up of madrigals, motets, people, psalms, and ricercares. Costanzo experienced a flare …

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