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Hoste da Reggio

Regarding to three different books from 1554, Hoste is referenced as the get good at of music to Ferrante Gozanga. It really is highly possible that Hoste implemented Ferrante in his moves and in his exploits, with, the youthful Lassus in thier firm. He constructed three books of madrigals that …

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Gioseppe Caimo

As an Italian organist and composer, Caimo was influenced (directly or indirectly) by Taglia, Ruffo, Pontio, and Vicentino. His music shows an experimental acumen where Caimo used uncommon harmonies looking for quality and sequential fifty percent guidelines in the melodic series that have small to due using the created word. …

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Sebastian Hasenknopf

When he was a son Hasenknopf served mainly because a member from the choir at Salzburg Cathedral. He became a vocalist, changed into Lutheranism and was finally used in the chapel in Innsbruck in 1590; this placement was not long term, sadly. His compositions contains several sacred cantiones, 12 pieces …

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