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Alfonso Ferrabosco

Alfonso Ferrabosco was an Italian who had great influence over the British musical picture. He was essential in bringing the proper execution from the Italian madrigal to Britain, where it flowered right into a distinctive and highly enhanced variety. Although in comparison along with his Italian contemporaries his madrigals aren’t …

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Giovanni Maria Nanino

Nanino was probably students of Palestrina when Palestrina was in St. Maria Maggiore in the 1560s. He offered as choirmaster at St. Luigi dei Francesi in the late 1560s and in addition was an associate from the papal choir. Nanino was a gifted instructor who trained the youngster sopranos from …

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Francesco Canova da Milano

Francesco Canova da Milano was arguably the main Italian author of instrumental music through the Renaissance period. His works had been widely released in his period, and his many admirers dubbed him “Il Divino.” Specifically 124 of his compositions survive, most getting ricercars, fantasies, and intabulations of varied vocal pieces, …

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Sebastian z. Felsztyna

Being a theorist and composer in Poland, Sebastian keeps an essential place. Several his compositions usually do not endure but the ones that do, like the motet “Alleluia advertisement Rorate cum prosa Ave Maria,” are one of the primary types of four-voice Polish configurations. He received his BA from Krakow …

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