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Alberto da Ripa

Ripa was a fantastic lutenist who also played for the Cardinal of Mantua, before Henry VIII in 1529 and operating to Francois We. It would appear that Ripa continued to be in service towards the French courtroom for the rest of his existence. He didn’t publish a lot of his …

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Tylman Susato

Tylman Susato was essential like a composer and incredibly important like a music printing device. Very much about his roots and early years is definitely unknown. Scholars consider his name to suggest “from Soest,” discussing a Westphalian city in the bishopric of Cologne. That is backed from his sometimes putting …

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Johannes Heugel

The initial works of the German-Flemish composer date from around 1531 when he was asked to compose a satire and elegy on Zwingli. Appropriately, Heugel worked on the Kassel courtroom for about fifty years. A couple of almost 500 functions of Heugel’s that survive, not absolutely all which are comprehensive. …

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Tomaso Cimello

An Italian composer, teacher, theorist and poet who was simply linked to the Aragona courtroom and by whom he proably received a scheduled appointment to Colona. Cimello’s “Regole nove” was a theoretical function designed to show about the guidelines governing music aswell as to give a system where amateur performers …

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Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was a priest in Scotland and fled to Britain because of an accusation of heresy, the heresy of Lutheranism. Johnson is at York in 1530, Scotland once again and your final return to Britain in 1535. He made up Latin sacred music with quality implementations of imitation. Lots …

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