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Anonymous, Codex Chantilly

Codex Chantilly may be the main manuscript source for any fourteenth century People from france style referred to as ars subtilior, or the subtle artwork. This was a kind of late-medieval polyphonic music that used extremely subdivided rhythms, dissonant tranquility, and complicated textures. In its day time, ars subtilior was …

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Johannes Vincenet

As a modern of Dufay Vincenet sang with him in the papal choir in 1427. From what could be surmised from different characters and registries, Vincenet was used in Rome and in Naples, maybe as past due as the 1470s. Compositions had been created for both sacred and secular events. …

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Petrus de Grudziadz

Scant information on the life span of Magister Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz have but slowly peeked through the mists of your time. A man of this name studied in the popular College or university of Kraków (in modern-day Poland); he came into in 1418, yielding a delivery day of 1400 …

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